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Bermuda is my happy place. I visited for the first time in 1989 when I stayed at The Coral Beach & Tennis Club. The club names their rooms and cottages, and mine was named “Midnight Mushroom” because it was the least expensive room, somewhat dark, with mismatched left-over furniture, and located directly above the scooter rental shop. Since that time, I have returned on several occasions, and tried some of the other rooms. This year, I was lucky enough to stay in “Noontide Sun” which is bright and sunny, with a private porch and an ocean view. I call it Heaven.

View from our porch


One of the most spectacular things about Bermuda is the pink sand, made from the coral reefs which surround the island. It never gets hot on your feet. Coral Beach Club offers food and beverage service all day on the beach, so you need only make your way down the cliff stairs and you are set for the day.




Longtail Terrace
Longtail Terrace

Bermudian nights are balmy and mosquito free, as they eradicated them from the island through laws and inspection. One of our favorite dinner locations is at the Longtail Terrace at the Coral Beach Club, on the cliff, overlooking the surf below. Each Thursday night is the seafood buffet. Most nights they have live music.

Dining on the Longtail Terrace
Dining on the Longtail Terrace
Bermudian Fish Chowder
Sherry is poured over the fish chowder

DSC02836 DSC02835 DSC02834 DSC02811

Dinner on the Longtail Terrace over the years
Dinner on the Longtail Terrace over the years

Because Bermuda is a British Colony, tea is served in the afternoon. Being a tea aficionado, I love this concept. The tea is served in the lobby along with scones, clotted cream, and finger sandwiches. The rocking chairs on the porch are available to rock the afternoon away while enjoying your tea and treats.

IMG_1049 IMG_1047


Sometimes in the afternoon, a storm rolls in for a few minutes of rain. Since the air is humid and warm, it’s often a welcome respite from the sun.

IMG_1016 IMG_1033

Breakfast room service is divine when you have your own balcony. 

 DSC02957 DSC02951

IMG_0893 IMG_0892

Bermudian attire is unique to the country, after all, it’s where “Bermuda Shorts” were invented. The formal attire for men consists of a short sleeve button-down shirt, a blazer, Bermuda shorts, knee socks, and dress shoes. Men wear this to work during the day, and to dinner in the evenings. So, of course, Scott went with the program. DSC02867 DSC02933 DSC02877

IMG_1090IMG_1094 IMG_1095 IMG_1098 IMG_1124IMG_1101DSC02928DSC02819DSC02801IMG_1120 IMG_1121

We attended the Bermuda Fall Fashion Show while we were in town. The local stores put on an event to showcase fashions for kids, men, women, and plus size. The sold-out event included celebrity guests, goodie bags, and a VIP reception. Since we decided to leave at intermission (which was at about 10 pm) I noticed some folks just arriving. I planned to give them my VIP tickets, if needed. When I asked them if they had tickets they laughed at me and said, “We don’t need tickets!” Apparently they were the celebrity guests. Oooops.

Bermuda Fall Fashion Show

One of Bermuda’s most famous exports is their Goslings Bermudian Rum, also used in Scott’s favorite alcoholic beverage, the Dark & Stormy. He happened to pick up a bottle of their special aged variety in the Duty Free Shop.

DSC02887 IMG_0990DSC02888 IMG_1021

The Bermudian roof has evolved over the last 4 centuries and is made of lime stone slabs that are hurricane resistant and funnel all rain water into a cistern buried under the house. There is no water source other than what your roof collects.

IMG_1111 IMG_1109


Bermuda is a fabulous country to do business. It is the world’s leading offshore captive insurance domicile and this provides many jobs as well as deposits for the country. If you are thinking about moving there, non-residents pay an 8% license fee on home real estate purchases.



DSC02948 IMG_1088

Front Street, City of Hamilton, Bermuda
Bermudian Flag

IMG_1056IMG_1152 IMG_1108


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