Selling Our Home

Part of the Size It Down & Travel It Up Experiment was to lease our Pacific Palisades, California home for two years, and then decide whether or not to move back in, sell it, or continue to lease it. In the meantime, we leased an apartment in Santa Monica, California by the beach. As it turns out, we have been forced to decide after 11 months, what our decision is. Our tenants that accepted a two year lease, unexpectedly left the country. So, after a brief discussion, we decided that we are very happy as “renters” and are willing to sell our home ASAP.

Our Home in Pacific Palisades, California

Our Home in Pacific Palisades, California

We have decided to sell our home. Here is the listing : Our home in Pacific Palisades. Scott and I have enjoyed talking about the fond memories we had in the home he designed and built in 1995. We held some fabulous costume parties there, with the themes of “Come As Your Favorite Drink,” and “Saints & Sinners.” I held some formal tea parties in my dining room, that housed my teapot collection. One party, everyone got to enjoy custom made tea in the pot they selected to “match their personality.” Our two children grew up in the house, since they were two and five years old when we moved in. My son’s room had the motto on the wall, “Go Big Or Go Home,” which turned out to be somewhat ironic. My daughter spent hours at the Steinway piano, singing, playing, and recording music. She got her first paycheck there. The baseball cage that my husband built turned into a skate park half-pipe when the kids decided baseball wasn’t the sport for them. And, the pub (from 1890 England) which was reassembled below my husband’s office, was witness to numerous poker parties, home theatre movies, and some quiet reading time for me.


My Teapot Collection


My Teapot Collection


High Tea in the Dining Room


First Paycheck

First Paycheck

Now we are spending our extra time traveling the globe, and making new memories. The kids have moved on to their own places of residence, and the small apartment suits us just fine. As of Dec 27, 2017, we officially closed escrow on our home, and we are happy renters.


Venturelli Pub Fans

Friends 2

Saints & Sinners Party

Devils at the Saints & Sinners Party

Devils at the Saints & Sinners Party


My Son as Superbowl Sunday Nacho Chef


Scarlett O’Hara for Halloween

xmas 2002

Cousins play football on the lawn












xmas 2006 1

Christmas morning







Tea Party

Tea Party

Papa and Robin

Christmas with Dad

Scan 1

1998 hv lv

Brother and Sister

Scan 2















Here’s how we got the idea to size it down in the first place:

Balinese State of Mind



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