Swimming My Way Through The Boxes

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This week has been dedicated to unpacking and organizing. (It’s a good thing that I published a book* on organizing skills, because they sure have come in handy!)

Some of the issues I have encountered have been; How do you fit your Costco supply of toilet paper in your new small pantry? How do you cook with electricity when you are used to gas? When your cell phone is your only phone in the house, do you keep the ringer “on” at night for emergencies?

As a photographer, sorting through my photos and picking my favorites to keep with me at the apartment has been a struggle. I found that some pics that I love, my husband, Scott, isn’t crazy about…and vice versa. To make the cut, we have to both love the shot. A good handful passed the test, mostly travel shots, concert pics and family memories. What are your favs of all time?

*”Organize Yourself, So You Can Have Fun” by Robin Venturelli and London Venturelli


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