Sizing It Down Once Again

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Two months ago we moved to a smaller apartment with MINDBLOWING amenities in the building and a WAY better view of the Pacific Ocean. Our new building has a colorful past…Britney Spears was known to sunbathe topless at the pool.  Singer Lawrence Welk once owned the building. It’s nicknamed “Champagne Towers,” which I’m assuming is due to its creamy colored paint, and not the libation that caused Britney to lose her top. We rented a two bedroom apartment with an ocean view and sized our “stuff” down even more.

View of Santa Monica, CA
Our new apartment


Rooftop Pool
Rooftop Pool

Six weeks later, we got the news. There was a water leak on the top floor which had trickled down every unit in our stack of the building. In other words, we were given three days notice to move once again so that new drywall could be placed in our unit! The building owners, The Irvine Company, would be providing a fully furnished apartment for us in the same building, and covering the cost of the movers. BUT, we would now be moving into a one bedroom, and would likely stay there for three months. Game on.

The calm before the news
Before the news…
Socializing with friends

Our new digs have no prerecorded television shows that I had been saving up and dying to watch, and three new remotes to master. (Still not there yet.) I cannot memorize which kitchen cabinets have which items in them. I’m liking the cool modern dishes which were provided for us are from AMAZON, however. My new desk has just one tiny drawer, so I’m trying to figure out an expensive solution to fit all my papers, stapler, checks, stamps, etc. The new apartment looks pretty sterile, a bit like a well decorated but uncomfortable beige hotel room. Scott seems to think he lives in both apartments, and he has been spending our first week cruising down the hall to our old place, walking through the plastic encasements which now cover everything, and choosing his clothes for the day. I’m fine with this since it simply means more closet space for me.

I’m grateful for the building amenities and have been enjoying the pool, gym, business lounge and party room on the roof. I’m looking forward to building my brain power as I adapt to my new surroundings. They say change keeps you young if you can handle it. Sizing down once again has been a challenge, but if desperate, I know my belongings are only a few doors away in a plastic sealed cocoon.

Party room on the roof
Party room on the roof
Late afternoon on the roof
Entertaining friends
Sunset on Santa Monica, California


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