What a Bunch of Bull!

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This is my sister-in-law’s blog. She’s phenomenal!


My son, Rex and I reported to Pamplona’s Plaza Consistorial, joining the other couple thousand runners (encierros) before 7am.  Some were praying.  Some were rereretying Nike laces.  Some were doing nifty 1960’s-style warm up moves/stretches.  They were male.  They were young.  They were eyeing me with a “What the f are you doing here?” look.  One came right up into my face and pointed urgently to his eyes and then to me.  I translated this as “watch out, stupid old woman!”  Of the exceedingly few females, I tried unsuccessfully to spy one anywhere near my age.  That familiar adrenaline pulsed through my once weary veins.

IMG_9034 Bring on the bulls!

My father has spoken about the Running of the Bulls (Festival of San Fermin) since I was a young calf, so I’ve been vaguely familiar with the 500+-year-old tradition my entire life.  Not EVER something I considered doing.  I watched highlights on Wide World of Sports or…

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