Party On The Yacht ….With The Bahomies

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After cruising the seas with our adult friends, we decided it was time to give the “kids” a chance and we invited our 27-year-old daughter, her boyfriend, D.J. Curt Reynolds, and their gang of mates to the Bahamas. On route, during a series of red-eye flights, they coined the phrase, “Bahomies,” and the party was started.

Breakaway Motor Yacht with the Bahomies
Breakaway Motor Yacht with the Bahomies

The Bahomies all arrived with carry-on luggage (my adult friends have had great difficulty with this task), and their luggage even included disco lights and turntables! They were ready for all activities (scuba, snorkel, surf, jetski,) even though they had very little sleep. They also all looked like models!


After dinner the first evening, “Club Breakaway” had it’s debut on the top deck. Disco lights rotated as the turntables spun and Kimia rocked the ship with her dance grooves. Later in the week, Curt Reynolds joined in. Between the crew, and the Bahomies, Club Breakaway was hopping until about 2:00 AM nightly. (By 10 PM, I was tucked away in my bed fast asleep with ear plugs.)

Since most days we had no cellular service or wifi, the Bahomies were totally cut off from all social media. Contrary to popular belief, this was no problem at all. We did yoga together, meditated, explored deserted beaches, and ate some scrumptious food prepared by Chef Matt. One night we played Reverse Charades where each team had to get one player to guess the charade as it was being acted out by ALL the other team players at one time. We divided teams up by blue eyes vs brown eyes. Brown eyes dominated. Watching Kimia act out “Moon Walk” was priceless.

We anchored by a deserted island one morning, and had a blast shooting drone footage for Curt Reynold’s newest promotional video. The Bahomies danced on the beach to a large battery operated sound system, while the drone (nicknamed Sheldon) hovered overhead. That evening, we fed sharks off the aft deck and told the young ones our stories about how both Scott and I have snorkeled with sharks. Before the trip was over, two of the Bahomies would have accomplished that milestone as well.

At the end of the cruise, when we spent the night docked in Nassau, the last evening included a night on the town to watch The World Series, some gambling, and general merry making before our flights out the following morning. We had all learned from each other, we had co-existed for a week and shared an adventure that will not be forgotten.


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