How You & Your Mom Can Look Like Celebrities For Mother’s Day….or Any Day

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Celebrity Moms know a secret that most of us regular folks don’t know. They know which colors to wear to highlight their hair and skin tones, and to make their eyes sparkle. They have used a color consultant who has paired them with a swatch book of ideal color choices in make up and clothing. A few years ago, I was lucky enough to meet Jill Kirsh, also known as “Hollywood’s Guru of Hue.” She was named Best Color Consultant in the Best of LA issue of Los Angeles Magazine and is frequently called upon by celebrities and titans of business for color coaching. She’s also the Color Expert on the iPad app in the movie Divergent.

In preparation for Mother’s Day, I asked Jill how celebrity moms go about planning their look. She said it all revolves around the correct colors. If one wants to look like a celeb, just follow the swatch books below (available on and pick an outfit and make up that  corresponds with the colors that match the celeb with your hair tone. For example, if you are a warm blonde, like Anna Faris, you could wear salmon, kelly green, or lilac.

For grey or white haired beauties, like Christina Aguilera, you should stick with colors like burgundy, lavender, or mint.

Golden browns and redheads, such as Kate Beckinsale, look best in what I used to call the “fall colors” such as olive green, mustard, plum, and teal.

Lastly, deep brunettes like Taraji P. Henson, get to flash the vibrant hues like royal blue, fuchsia, emerald green, and purple.

Jill Kirsh’s unique color system has been the talk of the fashion world for the past six years. She’s been featured several times in InStyle Magazine, Inc Magazine, Backstage, RedBook, The Los Angeles Times, and on every major network.


I met Jill at a friend’s luncheon where we were asked to “come wearing no make up.” Jill draped us with various colors and showed us that everyone can wear most every color–it just depends on finding the right shade of the color that works for you. For example, one friend could wear olive green, while another should wear mint green. By wearing the right color, your skin glows so much, you hardly need much make up! When I returned home and checked my closet, I found that I was wearing ALL the wrong colors! I purchased her swatch book and make up and started eliminating the items in my closet that made me look washed out, tired, and yucky. I started to buy the RIGHT colors when I went shopping. (Since I’m a warm blonde, I’m supposed to wear salmon, peach, turquoise, kelly green…) It’s made a big difference for me, in fact, I even dyed my hair turquoise! You can see my wrongs and rights below.


So, enjoy your Mother’s Day and find your shade to sparkle!

Jill is available for one on one consultations, color parties and corporate events throughout the country. She also does online consultations. She can be reached by email at



  1. You are so good at sticking to your colors!! Ever since my house over 20 years ago! So happy I could be a part of your color discovery and add sparkle to your look. You always sparkle on the inside…no matter what color you wear.

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