Blue Hair, Pink Hair, Who Cares?

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Since I started this blog, I’ve had a section of my hair that has been blue. It all started when I visited my daughter in London while she was there for a semester abroad. We discovered a place called Bleach London , a salon where shades of dyed human hair hang on the wall like shaggy wall paper. Hair stylists line up next to permanently color splotched sinks waiting for the next client to reveal his or her choice of selected hair dye and desired location on the head. I chose “washed out mermaid” and tips on the bottom plus triangle in the back. Here was the result.

My daughter ended up rocking multiple colors that she applied all by herself while she spent that semester abroad, and later back at home.

IMG_520410277499_10152066942161491_7233099271039501440_nfullsizeoutput_85cbredhairMeanwhile, I was loving my blue tips and kept them up back in California. When my daughter graduated from Law School, I surprised her with my new short haircut….the blue tips appeared to be gone, but they were now actually hiding in the back.


Version 2

But, I missed seeing the blue up front, so a few months later, my hair stylist added it back into my bangs and on the side in the front, omitting it from the back.


Flash forward two years, and a friend suggested it was time for a change. She suggested I switch to pink. It sounded good to me. The important part was going to be picking the correct shade of pink. I had previously learned from expert color consultant, Jill Kirsh Color that everyone can wear pink, but each particular shade of natural hair color (warm blonde, ash blonde, platinum, grey, deep brunette, red, golden brown) has their own shade of pink that flatters their skin tone. (In fact, each group has their own shade of every color in the rainbow!) If you wear the correct shade, you will look superb! If you wear the wrong shade, you might even appear sickly. My shade of pink was a “coral” variety. Here’s my swatch book from Jill (available here: Jill Kirsh Color “warm blonde swatch book” )  showing my correct colors :

Jill Kirsh Color "warm blonde swatch book"
Jill Kirsh Color “warm blonde swatch book”

You’ll remember from art class that when you add pink paint on top of blue paint, you get purple paint. So, at the salon, my pink dye took on a purple cast that made it no longer the right pink for me. Yikes!


IMG_2110Can you see the clash? What now? I quickly called up Jill Kirsh and she helped me select the pink shade which is correct for me. It is the farthest one on the right.


Version 2Now it’s just a matter of figuring out how to get that shade on top of the “orchid” pink I’ve got going right now, without having to bleach my hair to white (and damage it) in the process. The shade I’ve got, incidentally, is perfect for deep brunettes!

For more info about Jill and her fabulous color company, check out her make up and other goodies available now at Amazon Jill Kirsh Color on Amazon

Ah….living life in color. Stay tuned for how this all turns out…..

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