East Coast Autumn Road Trip

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Seeking a taste of Autumn, we flew to New York and embarked on a 12-day road trip along the United States Eastern Coast. Our trip started out with a few days in Manhattan to visit my parents, who are in their late eighties and enjoy living in the city for three months each Spring and Fall.

While in Manhattan, we melted in the ninety-degree heat wave but hid within the air-conditioned glamour of Broadway’s finest theatres. We saw “Come From Away,” “Dear Evan Hanson,” “Hello Dolly” with Bette Midler, and “Time And The Conways.” We enjoyed all four shows immensely. We also rode the subway down to Lower Manhattan to check out the Oculus at World Trade Center.

Oculus New York

On our last day in Manhattan, we had the most delightful surprise! Scott and I decided to take a stroll in the Central Park. We visited Strawberry Fields and John Lennon’s “Imagine” tiled mosaic. Then we heard a band playing a Green Day song in the distance. We naturally started walking towards the music. As we wandered down winding pathways, we joked about what the music could be. Coverband? Maybe. Recorded music? Probably. Actually, Green Day performing? HAHAHAHAH, no way! After a twenty minute walk, we turned a corner, and to our amazement, found the actual band, Green Day, performing their live “sound check” on stage outdoors on a baseball diamond. We literally jumped for joy! Then we danced our butts off for the next hour.


After Manhattan, we drove to Bedford, New York, to stay at Bedford Post Inn which is owned by actor, Richard Gere. It’s a historic boutique inn dating back to 1860, with eight rooms, a yoga studio, a casual breakfast restaurant, a gourmet dinner restaurant, and lots of land nearby for hiking, relaxing, and enjoying Westchester county. Scott and I took a Kundalini yoga class (a first for us), which was described as “using movement, breath, sound (mantra) and meditation to help relieve stress, increase vitality, balance the mind and uplift the spirit.” I’m pretty sure that most of you would have had a good laugh had you walked by and seen us chanting, shaking our heads from side to side for sixty seconds, or trying to sing yoga chants to a melody and words unfamiliar to us in every way.

Bedford Post Inn library
Bedford Post Inn
Breakfast at The Barn
Bedford Post Inn












Bedford Post Inn
Bedford Post Inn

Next stop was Pound Ridge and dinner at  Jean George at The Inn At Pound Ridge . The food was divine, especially the apple tart! The town was preparing for their harvest festival, and we were feeling the cooler air and the delights of Autumn.

Jean George apple tart


Jean George apple tart 
Pound Ridge


Pound Ridge Antiques

The following day we drove through Connecticut and Massachusets to get to Hanover, New Hampshire on the Vermont border. We were guests at a gorgeous Autumn wedding which included a welcome party at a distillery, a sunset wedding in a meadow, and a farewell brunch. The temperature dropped to 47 degrees during the ceremony, but the cozy tents and jamming band warmed everyone up afterward. My delicious dinner was an Autumn squash filled with corn risotto.

Last stop was Boston, Massachusetts to visit Scott’s sister and her family. They were throwing a party for us to meet their friends, neighbors, and relatives. It was a beautiful afternoon/evening and we left having made many new friends. The following day we took a tour in Concord, Mass. with a Minute Man and learned the true story about Paul Revere. (He never said, “The British are coming!” since everyone in the country WAS British! He said, “The regulars are coming!”)


Scott’s sister, Marilou, toasts the Californians


DSC05123fullsizeoutput_cfdb.jpegfullsizeoutput_d02aWe returned back to sunny California having had a taste of Autumn, a taste of friendship, of love, of wanderlust, and of joy. In other words, our Autumn cups runneth over.


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