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On my recent trip to Japan, I was fascinated with the different Japanese clothing styles I came across on the average person. The women were very dressed up in “American 1950’s retro gear” during the day, as if they were going to a Tupperware party. I noticed chiffon mid-calf skirts, nylons, pumps, and sweet blouses.

DSC03636 DSC03469 DSC03607

In the middle of all this retro dressing, I would come across a bohemian or two, happy to set a new trend and sport their creativity. DSC04702

Sporting a Utilikilt

DSC03882 DSC03976 DSC03885 DSC04723

I noticed a fair share of face masks, used both to keep out other’s people’s germs and to protect other people when you are sick.


The avant guard designer outfit did make an appearance every now and then. I even had fun trying on a Junyo Watanabe designed capelette.

IMG_3098 DSC04809 DSC04808

I was delighted to see some of the men, who were typically in dark suits, giving some platform shoes and longer tunics a try.

DSC04685 DSC04679

Most of the school age children were wearing uniforms, although occasionally I spotted a fashionista in the mix.

DSC04564 DSC03971 DSC04234

The fashion highlight of the trip was a visit to the Harajuku section of town. In this area, mismatched patterns, goth, and “Lolita” baby doll looks ruled the streets, with the goal being to have your outfit be a thoughtful expression of your personality.

DSC04724 DSC04713 DSC04708 DSC04703 DSC04701 DSC04698 DSC04697 DSC04696 DSC04695 DSC04693 DSC04692 DSC04691 DSC04689 DSC04687 DSC04682 DSC04681

I saw some retro hairstyles that required lots of teasing.


And, of course, young girls on the subway often preferred unisex outfits that reflected comfort.


Lastly, I enjoyed the use of fans, particularly when they were used by men.



  1. The pictures from Kyoto are soooooo great!!
    They gave a lot of laughs….the sign at a toilet, kids in kimono with maiko girls, men with fans etc.. So much fun!
    And even more fun was “Japanese fashon”. Your focus on people in Japan from yong to elders is very interesting.
    You should publish a book!!

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