Dare To Take A Dip In The Dead Sea?

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It’s creepy and muddy, the lowest place on earth, in-between Israel and Jordan, and it’s called The Dead Sea. Dare to take a dip?

The Dead Sea, Israel

From our hotel in Tel Aviv, we drove for over an hour through the West Bank of Israel, and it’s check points, (somewhat frightening), to get to the Dead Sea. Dipping 1,312 feet below sea level, we were told that people from all over the world come to swim in the Dead Sea to cure their skin diseases. Hmmmm, is that a selling feature? I immediately began thinking, “If you don’t have a skin disease, can going in the sea give you one? ” Dare to dip in the Dead Sea? Then there’s the mud. It’s filled with many sources of natural salts. Hmmmm, I think salt dries out your skin, right? Doesn’t sound moisturizing. Not sure I need DRIER skin…. Dare to dip in the Dead Sea? Well, I decided to have a look at it before deciding.

The Dead Sea, Israel 
Dead Sea salt 

We were led to our deluxe spa. “Deluxe” in this case really meant “one step above a really bad motel that you rent by the hour.” (Not that I would necessarily know what that’s like.) The spa was so dirty and gross, that even Scott, my hubby, was freaked out. Imagine dirty, muddy, naked women bumping into each other in a tight space as they try to navigate their way towards the two rusty  shower heads and two old toilet cubicles. The lock on my locker was so old and rusty I couldn’t turn it, nor get it to work. I did, however, manage to change into my bathing suit, put on my “spa” robe, and make the trek in the boiling sun out to the Dead Sea. (That involved crossing a major highway by jay-walking.) Would I dare to dip in the Dead Sea?

Spa robes at the Dead Sea

Once I had a look at the stagnant water where no wildlife can live, due to the high salinity, I had to make a major decision. Did I dare to dip into the Dead Sea? Scott was game and he plunged right in.

Scott at the Dead Sea in Israel (Jordan in the background) 
Dead Sea mud
Floating in the Dead Sea

Those of you who know me, I’m sure you can guess what my decision was. Let’s just say, I’m feeling quite moisturized and rash free.

After his swim in the Dead Sea


Version 2
Did I dare?


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