The Jane Trip

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Our weekender in Bend, Oregon was a jam-packed adventure trip full of tears and memories of Jane, laughs, snores, water flotillas, and even a lost hiking group who breached golf etiquette to find their way.

Most of us arrived in a tiny United Eagle plane on Friday morning, with our carry-on bags, and we were greeted with fresh granola and a ride out to Pronghorn. Once we arrived at our 2 cozy homes in Pronghorn, we filled the rest of the day with lunch, unpacking, picking room-mates, and getting ready for dinner in Bend. That day, I found out that Oregon Chardonnays aren’t buttery or oak-flavored, that lots of 50 year old women snore, and that getting together with your high school friends is the best!

Lunch on Friday

Bend, Oregon
Bend, Oregon


After the hike
After the hike

On Saturday morning, half of us headed out for a hike to reach the home where our other girlfriends were stationed. We had no map (bad decision.) We asked directions at the clubhouse and were told to “take the path near the jungle gym,” (not so good…3 paths…) We ended up lost on the golf course without cell service and had to flag down a golfer to ask directions. (He wasn’t pleased.)

The day also included a flotilla down the river, some pool & spa time, a beautiful cocktail hour with a crazy game involving discussion of high school boys we used to know, and a delicious dinner.

Dinner at Pronghorn
Dinner at Pronghorn
Laughs and Good Times
Laughs and Good Times

Sunday morning included a cave hike for early risers (I slept in due to snoring roomies and lack of sleep the previous 2 evenings, or maybe I just don’t like caves?), breakfast together, and final stories about Jane.

We even decided to start a web group to keep in touch. I’d say my first Empty Nester trip was girlfriend bonding at it’s best.



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  1. Nicely done Robin! This would be the perfect link to send to Barry and the kids. Do you have their emails or maybe forward to Karen. Xoxo d


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