Santa Monica Vacation; Home Away From Home

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Our apartment building has been under construction for 9 months, with jack hammers tearing up the cement balconies that encircle the building. After duck-taping our windows closed, I found that I was still breathing in cement. This led to a sinus surgery, and a need to move out of the apartment. We decided to travel all of 2 blocks to the Hotel Oceana in Santa Monica for a “staycation” until construction is completed.

Oceana 2
Hotel Oceana

Oceana was built in the 1950’s as an apartment hotel. The rooms today are comfortable and come complete with sitting area, desk, dining table, and separate bedroom. The furniture is a combination of Lily Pulitzer chic meets beachy modern.

One of the best things about staying at Oceana is being able to eat at Tower 8. It’s a secret restaurant that is only open to guests of the hotel. No money can exchange hands at this restaurant. One may only charge the bill to one’s guest room. The food is delicious and the ocean view is top notch.


The hotel offers free yoga, biking, and hiking, as well as arranged surf lessons, personal training, and spa sessions in your room. So far, I haven’t taken advantage of any of that, but I do use the gym. The pool is beautiful (heart shaped) and the lounge chairs are comfy. I regularly take advantage of the lounge chairs, of course! Duh.

The Oceana Gym




IMG_2450IMG_2219I’ve been going back and forth between our apartment and the hotel to exchange clothing, do laundry, and pick up mail. Each time I go into the apartment, I wear a dust mask. It’s becoming my go-to look. I’m sure after another month of this, I’ll be very ready to retire it.


Still getting to visit some of my favorite Santa Monica haunts…..

Scott, however, is still trying to work at the apartment.


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