The Journey Begins

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July 1st was moving day. We tagged the items in our home with blue tags for “move to apartment,” red tags for “sell at auction,” orange post-its for “storage unit,” and no tags for “leave in home for the family leasing our home for the next few years.” We had already

The trucks arrive and it's "game on."
The trucks arrive and it’s “game on.”

donated many items to various charities and friends, so we were ready to roll. The auction truck and the moving van arrived simultaneously, and the festivities began! 48 hours later, after some bruises, sore muscles, and a few broken items, we are in the apartment and beginning to unpack. And so, the journey and the blog begins.

To find out WHY….

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  1. You both seem too young to be downsizing…I look forward to living vicariously through Scott and you. Hugs to you both!

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